PTAA’s approach to education is focused on college preparation for all students. Curriculum includes not just the textbooks and lesson plans we use, but also the culture we provide. Self-determination, responsibiltiy, life-long learning are values that are modeled and relayed to students through academic and behavioral expectations.

PTAA’s middle school and high school instruction is based on college prep curriculum. Our STEM integration approach centers on Engineering and Information Technology courses along with more advanced courses in science, math, language, history and global economics. Our English Language Arts curriculum integrates reading, writing, presentation and speaking skills development. Working with our community college partners, our students are able to earn college credits for their advanced classes. For specifics about the curricula we use, see the related links on the left for textbook descriptions and scope and sequence documents.

BRICS nation Foreign exchange program: As a part of our global focus, our students take 7 years of both Spanish and Chinese Mandarin language. PTAA’s Foreign Exchange Program provides a unique opportunity for students tobecome acquainted with other students from our partner countries – China, India and Brazil. PTAA students will not only have exposure to students from other countries, but also have the opportunity to study within our partner countries.  The primary purpose of this program is to expose, challenge and mentor our students with their international peers in the fastest growing economies in the world.  

Over the next decade, the demand for college-educated talent is estimated to exceed the growth in supply for most of the developed world. India’s educated workplace is growing 2% annually, while America’s is shrinking 0.8% each year.

                                                                                                                                                             Sept.22, 2014 Fortune Magazine.

PTAA believes in “healthy body, healthy mind” and provides a physical education curriculum that is both fun and challenging. Combined with our healthy nutrition plan, your student is getting the best possible support for both mind and body.