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FAMILY ACCESS, our student administrative software from Skyward, enables us to provide you, over the Internet, the following student information: Daily Progress, Attendance, Schedule, Quarterly/Semester Grades, your student’s basic Demographic Information, and the ability to update your contact information.

To connect to Family Access- Skyward:

Click on the "Family Access-Skyward" button on the school’s home page or choose the Family Access option from the Parent drop down menu. The Skyward Family Access Login Screen should appear. Enter your Family login ID and Password. Click on the “Enter” button.  If you lose your ID and/or Password, please call the main office of the school your child attends.

This will take you to the main Skyward Family Access screen. Near the top in the middle will be your child’s name. If you have more than one child, their names can be seen by clicking on the arrow to the right of the name. A drop down box will display their names. The default information displayed is a history of the information accessed at the last login.

To access attendance information:

Click on the “Attendance” button on the left side of the screen. The current month’s calendar will be displayed with symbols displayed on the days your student was absent. A definition of the symbol is given at the bottom of the screen.

To access your student’s schedule:

Click on the “Schedule” button on the left side of the screen. Your student’s current schedule is displayed on the “Current” tab.  Once course requests are put in for next year you can view them under the “Next year” tab. 

To access the demographic information that we have on file:

Click on the “Student Information” button. The “Demographic” tab will list basic information on your student. Click on the “Family” tab to view your family information. Click the “Request Changes for Student” button to request changes to Demographic and or Family information.

To access your student’s daily progress at PTAA Schools:

Click on “Gradebook.” Your student’s classes will be displayed with the current grade for each class.
Click on the underlined grade to see the assignments that make up that grade.

To access your account settings:

Click on “My Account” on the top right of the page.  You can change your phone number, address and password.

To exit:

When you are finished using Skyward Family Access, logout of the system by clicking on the “Exit” button in the top right corner.