Board of Directors

Brent Parrott – Chairman

With a successful career in technology startups and senior management in the cellular industry, Brent brings extensive experience in business including knowledge of international markets. He also has over 15 years’ experience in the classroom, having left the business world for a second career in education.


Harley Finnell – Board Member

Harley Finnell is the CEO of Oldham Lumber if Dallas, with over 40 years of Business Experience. Harley is also the school board President of a K-12 grade private school, having experience in running a successful school. He is a contributing member of the community with passion for seeing students achieve their goals.

Brian Hogan – Secretary

Brian Hogan is the owner and CEO of Furniture One, currently with five locations in the Dallas area. Brian and his company participate in community projects such as furnishing over 300 apartments in assistance to Hurricane Katrina victims. He also partners with Lifenet, a homeless alliance and family gateway for those in need, furnishing homes for people with disabilities, for battered women, and those with health issues.


In addition to our governing Board of Directors, PTAA is privileged to have the guidance of an experienced, international team of advisors.


Advisory Board

Dr. William Maley, PhD 

Dr. Maley is a Director of Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy for Australian National University (ANU Australia). He is an Advisory Board member of the Liechtenstein Institute at Princeton University. He is also a Barrister of the High Court of Australia, Vice-President of the Refugee Council of Australia, and a member of the Australian Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP). He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Global Responsibility to Protect. He has over 100 books and publication to his name, is multilingual and has successfully run a Foreign exchange student program for 20 years from over 15 countries. PTAA board will use his expertise to run Language and Foreign exchange programs.


Nancy Albright 

Ms. Albright has 25 year in Education as Principal and teacher of a successful private school. She will assist the main board in curriculum selection and classroom methodologies.


Dr. Brent Sasley, PhD

Dr. Sasley is an Associate Professor of Political Science at UT Arlington. He will assist the main board in college credit programs for PTAA high school students. PTAA currently has an MOU signed with UT Arlington that allows PTAA students, upon charter approval, to take college courses for credit.


Dr. Anthony Rivera, MD

Dr. Rivera is an ER doctor at Medical Center McKinney. He will assist the main board with STEM curriculum choices. 


Dr. Hossein Zamanian, EdD 

Dr. Zamanian is a CPA who will assist the main board with financial questions. Mr. Zamanian also has his Doctorate in Education. 


Mr. Joseph Hoffer, JD

Mr. Hoffer and his law firm are General Counsel to PTAA. His firm provides legal services to the majority of Texas’ best and highest performing charter schools.


Upcoming Board Meetings:

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PTAA Board Policy Manual - Governance Policies

PTAA Board Policy Manual - Instruction Policies

PTAA Board Policy Manual - Personnel Policies

PTAA Board Policy Manual - Fiscal Policies