PTAA instruction is Data Driven.  The results from our formative assessments truly identify student knowledge gaps and areas of strength, so students are set on the right path, right out of the gate. Math concepts are taught with a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression through real-world, hands-on experiences requiring an extra step more than would be used in most American classrooms. Students are taught how to use model drawing to solve those word problems, diagramming the elements of the problem.


Grades K-5:

Go Math!/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Math instruction is always evolving, with new approaches to pedagogy, engagement, and technology. GO Math!® meets students and teachers on their math journey, raising student achievement scores and supporting teachers along the way.

Designed by the same author team across K–8, GO Math! incorporates the latest thinking in its comprehensive approach and engages digital natives with cross-platform technology. It helps teachers to differentiate instruction, building and reinforcing foundational math skills that translate from the classroom to real life.

GO Math! provides a seamless path to ensure that students can access content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. A wealth of resources for the classroom and beyond provide the tools students need to embrace math and succeed in high-stakes assessments.


Engaging today’s students, GO Math! provides a wealth of differentiated instruction resources across interactive platforms.

  •  Balanced:  The 5E instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate—develops mathematical understanding in students.
  •  Relevant:  STEM content connects with today’s learners. Math in Careers challenges students to envision the role math can play in their college and career plans.

Grades 6-8:

Into Math/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Into Math™ © 2020 is an intentional, comprehensive, and inspiring mathematics solution that centers on student growth, fosters a growth mindset and supports students in experiencing success in mathematics.

Built upon a foundation of mathematics education research and authored by leaders in the field of mathematics education, Into Math is proven to be effective in raising students’ achievement.

The key to learning mathematics is understanding the "why" behind the "how". HMH Into Math emphasizes the importance of establishing conceptual understanding and reinforces that understanding with procedural practice. The learning model asks students to first develop their reasoning before connecting their understanding to concepts and skills.

HMH Into Math is more than just a solution, it’s a vision for student growth.