Uniform Information:

PTAA Dress Code  (For all Campuses except Greenville)



Boys Formal 

Girls Formal


Boys Standard

Girls Standard

Fridays are also reserved for PTAA Spirit Day. PTAA Spirit Shirts can be purchased through the school store.

On Fridays, students may wear the official PTAA Spirit Shirt with jeans. Students may also wear the standard uniform on Fridays. 


School uniform will be applicable to all grade students. 

Our front office will be able to help you with Blazer, Vest, Ties, School Polo and School T-shirts. However, generic khaki pants, shorts and oxford shirts can be picked up from any other store.

For special event days like picture day, we would like all grade students to have the PTAA monogram blazer or vest that is available through PTAA and bottoms that correspond to the Monday Formal Dress. 


Why school uniform is important

  • Having all the students wearing the same uniform helps to create a sense of belonging and a good school ethos (culture or spirit). 
  • Schools with uniforms obtain better educational results. Uniformity and continuity improves discipline and such school setting makes learning easier. 
  • Uniform is a social leveler - it makes all the children at a school equal no matter what their family background or income. 
  • Uniform has practical advantages for parents and students. Students and parents don’t have to spend time thinking what to wear at the start of each school day. The clothes are designed to be comfortable and safe, with no long trailing sleeves, skirts or hoods to catch on dangerous equipment in PE or science lessons. 
  • Uniform is cheaper than letting students choose what they will wear to school.  There is usually a much smaller overall cost for the parents.